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. >>> and developing news out of los angeles, where a tsa agent is confirmed dead after a shooting. >>> one scrurk worker is dead and another injured, the charges the driver who hit them faces. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell a-fire inside the caldecott tunnel caused quite a traffic jam this morning. this the scene right now from news chopper 2 above the traffic heading eastbound, which is slowly trying to recover. ktvu's paul chambers just spoke to him about the fire and the challenges they face. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, as you said a total differenty scene now than half an hour ago, take a look, cars inching through, half an hour ago it was abandoned because they were getting it back, the reason it is moving slowly is because in bore one there is a downed power line so they only have one lane running. take a look at video, you can see the scene earlier today before 10:00. you can see people walking out of the tunnel. you can see there is also smoke coming out of there because
in san francisco. this noontime, he's at the dream works movie studios in los angeles. the white house says it's a chance to highlight a successful business that's creating jobs in california. dream works and its ceo are among the top campaign supporters of president obama and the democratic party. >> reporter: seven people are injured in a shooting in east oakland. find out how one family said they were made to feel better this morning by oak police -- oakland police. >>> and there's clouds outside. but does that mean any rain foreign the holiday -- for the holiday? steve paulson will have more. >>> and a big storm is barreling toward the east coast. what it means for air travelers here in the bay area. [ female announcer ] making a pie that pops is surprisingly easy. just unroll, fill... top, bake... and... wow. this is your best ever. thank you. [ female announcer ] pillsbury pie crust. make the holidays pop. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner
channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> passengers and staff at los angeles airport this morning observed a moment of silence in honor of a tsa agent shot and killed one week ago. [taps] >> taps played as everyone in terminal three stood at 9:28 a.m. , the moment the gunman walked up to the agent and opened fire. a public memorial for hernandez is set for tuesday in los angeles. tomorrow, a national day of action is planned in honor of 13-year-old andy lopez shot and killed by a deputy last month while holding a replica gun. the controversial shooting has sparked several protests where the teen was killed. the sheriff's deputy who shot lopez said the teen refused orders to drop that fake gun. demonstrations are planned in los angeles, oakland, sacramento and san francisco. >>> a reported sexual assault at de anza college is being regularred as a possible -- investigated as a hate crime. the victim is a victim of the hgbt community. the 19-year-old she was raped on monday in the media center. the victim and her attacker were acquaintances and he's also a student there. no arrests have been
in los angeles and new york city starting this weekend. they will expand to other years. >>> google has filed an electronic pattern to a smart phone in the pocket and it can be used in busy streets and crowded restaurants and it could also measure and act like like a fend investigators. he is looking for what richie incognito continually and he said he did not intend. >> this is not an issue of and this is an issue not about bullying but an issue of that i have taken stuff too far and i don't know i was hurting him. >> they suspended him after the issue occurred and it is not shore how long how strong it is. >>> utilities across the state, they are spraying silver eye tied to increase snow fall. >>> we had a lot of low clouds now giving way toll high and mid-level clouds and it is kind of main clouds but you can see where it is driving. we and if we -- if we get rain it will be in mendocino county and i have outed some projections until the 22nd and it is dry in the 2 and 1959, three of those four and it makes since you get back to back not terrible but we'll see plenty much time to go.
and at 3:30 the president is scheduled to go to los angeles for another fund raiser. and because of the president's various events, traffic is expected to be impacted throughout the city and one motorcade location to the other, you can expect to see rolling street closures. it comes as his approval ratings are falling dramatically. gallon roll tram is almost town to 54%. stay with ktvu channel 2 news and follow us on twitter where our crews will be updating on twitter the president's events and we will have complete events at 6:00 and weep have more -- we will have more on what needs to change on campus following the hate crime that happened to a student. four students are accused of a hate crime to one african- american student, here is what the president just admitted. >> reporter: the university president muhammed wants everybody to know that the university is taking accountability for what happened. he and the naacp is speaking at a news conference and they are condemning the actions of the students who are accused of racially taunting their roommate. he said by failing to wr
on the morning of the shooting that he was going to kill himself. los angeles police officers got to his apartment 45 minutes after he left for the airport. police say ciancia killed one tsa screener and wounded two others and a passenger. some are calling for better security at tsa checkpoints. >> part of that investigation will be a review of the security measures that were in place not only at l.a.x. but i think a review of the security arrangements that exist in other airports as well. >> police officers shot ciancia four times. he's heavily sedated following surgery for his wounds and is currently under 24-hour guard. >>> a new study from uc berkeley raises concerns about the outsourcing of airport workers. according to the study, the share of airport workers outsourced to contractors grew from 19% in 2001 to 26% by 2011. during the same period, airport workers saw their hourly wages fall by an average of 15%. the study says the airport workers declining pay affects airport efficiency, safety and security. the study was financed by the service employees international union. >>> stri
father is dead in an apparent home invasion robbery in los angeles, police say the victim was 78-year-old joseph gato, the father of mike gato, his sister found the body, she had gone there to check on her dad after she had not heard from him. police say the home had been ransacked and he may have been interrupting a burglary when he was shot. >>> a new report from the fbi shows how bay area police departments are doing at solving crimes, san pablo had the most success, solving 92% of its homicides, san jose was 66, san francisco 44%, oakland 35% and richmond had the worst rate when it comes to tracking down killers with 30%, the fbi says the gap is due to many factors. >>> the san francisco police department is arming its officers with high end smart phones to help fight crime. the department just began rolling out the phones to all 1600 of its patrol officers. the phones allow officers to pull up mug shots and access statewide criminal data bases from the field and police say they will be especially helpful to officers working on foot. >> so he comes back with a possible arrest and
. >>> san francisco, san jose, and los angeles will also participate. this is video of some of the guns turned in during one of san jose's two gun buybacks in march of this year. more than 1700 guns were turned over at that event. tonight a launch party is scheduled at 5:30 at rosy mccann's irish pub on santana row to kick off the program. >>> a new warning today about the impacts of not expanding runways at san francisco international airport. jacqueline fell has obtained a report that shows what travelers could be facing down the road and joins us live. jacqueline? >> reporter: we all know how busy the airport can be around the holidays, specifically the wednesday before thanksgiving. well, the u.s. travel association says get ready for more days like that at sfo. the travel industry says within the next decade, most of the country's busiest airports will become just as busy and congested two days a week as they are on the wednesday before thanksgiving. in order to keep up with increasing capacity at sfo, the association says more runways are needed and more customs and border officer
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8